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Civil Engineering Firm in Wichita

What are planned unit developments?

Before companies can develop a property, the land on a site must be properly zoned. Zoning is a method of planning where land is divided into zones for various land uses, like residential, industrial and commercial use. Planned unit developments are a type of zoning district intended to innovate land planning and make it easier to approve certain types of developments.

A planned unit development allows for varied land uses within one property. For example, one development could include residential, commercial and recreational areas all under one development.

Along with civil engineering, surveying and testing, our employees are also experts in land planning services. Our Wichita office recently completed a planned unit development application to rezone the Sutherland’s property in southeast Wichita.

The client, REST Enterprises, is relocating Club Rodeo, a popular 18+ cowboy bar, to this property, located at K-15 and MacArthur. The property had to be rezoned to allow a commercial night club in that area.

Planned unit developments provide flexibility with the city’s application process, which is why Kaw Valley Engineering used a planned unit development application for this project. The application is also beneficial in government negotiations because it can potentially increase profits for the city.

Our team worked with the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department to approve development of the night club. After developing the application, they attended review meetings and public hearings to approve the rezoning. It was approved, and Club Rodeo plans to reopen this fall.

Commercial development helps a society grow and expand, but also requires careful communication with the city to ensure the prospective business is beneficial to the community. Our employees understand the zoning process, know how to resolve land issues and are beneficial in promoting commercial development.