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A Civil Engineering Firm throughout the Midwest

Kaw Valley Engineering understands that our success depends on the prosperity of our clients and our communities. Kaw Valley Engineering uses flexible, innovative problem solving skills to design foundations and infrastructure to improve the lives of future generations.

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For 40 years, Kaw Valley Engineering has worked with local, county and state government agencies to provide professional engineering services. Kaw Valley Engineering values relationships with communities to establish trust, exceed their expectations, and take the worries out of their hands.



Every development project has a goal in mind – to start and finish the project on time and on budget. Kaw Valley Engineering measures success by how effortless the project is for our private development clients and the level of satisfaction they have with our services.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers have the experience and dedication needed to ensure the success of any project, from idea through implementation, for any size or complexity.



Our land surveying department is staffed to accommodate all projects, from a small basic lot survey to an interstate highway. We provide professional surveying services using professional employees. We strive to provide our clients with exceptional service and a product they can rely on.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Properly performed geotechnical engineering leads to creative, cost-effective and real-world solutions based on the site’s soil, rock and groundwater conditions. Kaw Valley Engineering offers a complete range of geotechnical services, a full-service laboratory for testing of subsurface materials as well as construction materials.

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Kaw Valley Engineering can perform materials testing and special inspection services supporting a wide range of geotechnical, civil and vertical construction applications. Our quality assurance services provide our clients with peace of mind that their projects conform to the construction documents and meet their expectations now and well into the future.

Why Choose Kaw Valley Engineering



Centralize Communication

Partnering with Kaw Valley Engineering centralizes your communication to a single point of contact. Call your project manager about any questions and expect prompt responsiveness with follow through.




Streamline Your Logistics

Consolidating your engineering services to one firm streamlines the logistics of your project. By keeping everything under one roof, we’re able to create efficiencies through the overlap of our services. Kaw Valley Engineering ensures every step of your project is completed on time and exceeds your expectations.

Innovative Solutions

Our engineers are innovative problem solvers. By specializing in many areas, they have the flexibility and the experience to accept any challenge and create a thorough, innovative solution from start to finish.


Unique Qualifications



Kaw Valley Engineering has extensive experience in applying for and securing government grants and low interest loans. We understand the qualifications and how best to position yourself to receive those dollars.



Kaw Valley Engineering doesn’t just read the codes, we study them. We make sure we know the expectation of the community and take pride in understanding their codes and the people who enforce them.


Civic Engagement

We encourage our employees to be engaged in their communities – from school boards to state legislatures to national organizations. We take great pride in our communities and focus on improving their quality of life with every project.


Environmental Reports

We provide quick response, Environmental Phase I report development in accordance with “ASTMD1527-05.” We maintain the equipment, staff and certifications needed to complete Environmental Phase I evaluations.






Project Categories
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Recreation
  • Residential
  • Schools
  • Road and Bridge
  • Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
  • Healthcare
  • Military
  • Public Infrastructure
Project “Firsts”
  • First casino in Kansas City, the Argosy Riverboat Casino in Riverside, Mo.
  • First KDOT retrofit, the I-70 / US-77 Diverging Diamond Interchange Conversion
  • First KDOT approved bridge to use precast concrete deck beams – Pressee Road Bridge Replacement in Geary County
Large-Scale Projects
  • Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KS
  • US-400 Parsons Bypass for KDOT
  • Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
  • 4-lanes on K-18 from I-70 to Manhattan, KS

One of the biggest advantages to our full-service approach is that we are involved in many different types & sizes of projects.

If we didn’t do the design, we may still be involved by way of construction staking for the contractor or geotechnical engineering as a subconsultant to the design team.


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