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Chad McCullough, PE, Returns to Kaw Valley Engineering

Wichita Office Welcomes New Leadership

Chad McCullough Returns as Wichita Office Manager

Chad McCullough, PE, returns to Kaw Valley Engineering as its newest Office Manager. He will be taking the helm at our Wichita, Kansas office.

Passion for STEM Leads to a Career

Working in the engineering field for nearly 30 years, Chad began his career at Kaw Valley Engineering in 1995. His interest in engineering came from a passion for STEM.

“I started college in pre-engineering because I liked math, physics and chemistry,” he explained. “But I really had no idea what discipline of engineering I wanted to get into.”

While at the University of Illinois, he was offered an internship with the Illinois Department of Transportation. Never fearing a challenge, Chad embraced the internship and it led to this calling in civil engineering.

“I always tell people that I didn’t pick Civil Engineering,” Chad said. “Really, it picked me. It is a great fit for me since it is basically a blend of hardcore calculations with a lot of good old-fashioned common sense.”

Chad graduated from University of Illinois in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. His emphasis was on Transportation and Structural Engineering. Upon graduating from University of Illinois, Chad was afforded the opportunity to work on high-profile projects. When discussing the projects he started with, the Parsons Bypass comes up first as he states, “I worked on the Parsons Bypass for two straight years outside of college. It was probably the project that helped me realize that I was going to make it in this field.”

But the modest officer manager pays homage to a mentor when discussing his start.

“I had the best mentor any engineer could have in Bruce Collins,” he said. “He guided me through the project until I knew enough to take my training wheels off.”

A Trajectory for Success at Kaw Valley Engineering

Chad is a returning asset to Kaw Valley Engineering. He began his career at the firm as a fresh graduate and has now returned to lead the team in the Wichita Office. Without hesitation, Chad explains that the people are what brought him back.

“It’s the people for sure,” Chad said. “Kaw Valley Engineering has a lot of good people and a great depth of talent. They are some of the brightest and most talented people I have ever worked with.”

Focusing on projects and not the business goals has been Chad’s motive operandi since he began his career. But he was looking for a challenge when he came on board to Kaw Valley Engineering. He explained, “I’m used to being down in the weeds, not focusing on the business side of things. This position will cause me to put some focus on that aspect of the industry. The company has taught me how to be successful in engineering and in business.”

With a nearly thirty-year career under his belt, Chad comes to Kaw Valley Engineering with a wealth of knowledge. He currently holds a Professional Engineer License in the states of Kansas, Missouri, and South Carolina. But he is eager to obtain more state licensing as the need arises.

New Horizons for the Wichita Office

The Wichita Office is going to see an expansion of services under Chad’s leadership. Currently there is a focus on private developments within the community. Chad hopes to bring some public sector opportunities to the company.

“I want to interject some public sector projects to balance the current private development work we are doing,” he explained. “This will help diversify the client base and increase our market share here in south central Kansas.”

Knowing a good burger when he sees one, Chad is not shy about his favorite project he is taking leadership of day one.

“I love Culver’s Burgers and Custard!” He exclaimed. “We are doing the site plans for the first one in the Wichita area, so I’m stoked for that one. But I’m probably more excited for it when it opens for business!”

The Kaw Valley Engineering Distinction

Kaw Valley Engineering is a full-service firm with a family feel. When the opening for office manager came up, a current employee reached out to Chad to apply. Having worked together previously, the fit was there.

“I want to give a shout out to Randy Purdue for contacting me about this opportunity,” he said. “Randy took the initiative to make the first call and get me thinking about the possibilities.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming project with Chad, click here to fill out a contact form.

Kaw Valley Engineering, established in 1982, is known as a team of experts who guide projects from inception to completion. With a comprehensive range of services in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, surveying, construction observation, and materials testing, they cater to clients throughout the Midwest. Kaw Valley Engineering has offices in Junction City, Lenexa, Salina, Emporia, Wichita and Garden City, Kansas, as well as Kansas City, Missouri, strategically positioning themselves to serve their clients effectively.