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Levees and Dams Protect Communities

Engineering for Floods

Part of engineering for storms is preparing for floods. Flooding can occur suddenly when a body of water rises quickly and flows in areas that have insufficient drainage. One way to mediate this is to engineer a levee or a dam.

A levee is used to protect areas near bodies of water from being flooded. A popular example would be along river banks where a structure using earth or manmade materials, is built up to exceed the expected flood levels. This ensures the water can continue to flow and maintain its course without flooding and damaging areas adjacent.

As rain drops or snow melts, water levels begin to rise. To ensure the water has a safe path of travel, a levee will guide the water to its destination and prevent damage to surrounding locations. It is also used to change the course of a river or even increase volume and pressure downstream if needed.

A dam, however, is built across a body of water to hold back or control the flow rate. A dam can protect communities from an abundance of water where a community may be situated below sea level or down stream from a large water body. Typically, as water rises, the dam will have a controlled release where water is allowed to drain from the larger body into a controlled environment. This release is usually very powerful, and the energy produced is processed into electricity.

There are several different designs of dams, and each are used for a specific purpose. Some are created with energy production in mind. Others are created to make use of land where water once sat.

Engineering for storms and water isn’t just about drains and culverts. It takes thorough knowledge of levee design, dam design, culvert construction and water management expertise. If you need help with a storm water project, be sure to click here to contact us now.