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Hard Hat Colors Mean Something

Hard Hat Colors and Their Meanings

Construction sites can be a dangerous place and hard hats are important to maintain a safe work site. Over the last few decades, hard hats have evolved, including the color scheme. Many may think colors are a personal choice but that isn’t usually the case. Below are some colors and their common meanings when it comes to hard hats.

• White – Supervisors and Engineers
• Red – Those with emergency training, such as fire fighters and fire marshals
• Green* – Safety Inspectors and Officers
• Yellow – General laborers, earth movers and those who operate heavy machinery
• Brown – Individuals working in high heat fields, such as welding
• Blue – Electricians and Carpenters
• Orange – Road construction workers
• Grey – Visitors (colors vary frequently)

*Green is sometimes used to denote a “greenhorn,” a person who is new to the trade.

It is always important to have a hard hat on a job site but it is also very important to have the right color too. Next time you are by a job site, you will know who is who by the color they wear on their head! If you want to contact us about any upcoming project, please let us know by clicking here.