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Civil Engineering Firm in Kansas

How to Hire Bridge Inspectors in Kansas

Last week, we explained how our engineers can help cities and counties in Kansas secure funding for bridge replacement or rehabilitation projects. This week, we want to explain how we can go beyond that to provide bridge inspection services and more to your local bridge project. We have experience assisting local municipalities in many ways on bridge projects, including funding, design, geotechnical investigation and construction inspection.

We can help you every step of a bridge project. Our engineers can assist in securing funding to alleviate the cost of bridge projects. Our surveyors can survey the site and provide essential information to our engineers for bridge design. Finally, our inspectors can observe and evaluate construction of the bridge to verify it is constructed to plans and specifications.

Our inspectors are also experienced in completing biannual bridge inspections, as required by the Kansas Department of Transportation. According to KDOT, local governments are responsible for local bridge inspections. Bridge inspectors are certified through KDOT to verify they are qualified and follow KDOT inspection guidelines.

Bridge projects can seem complicated, but our experienced engineers and inspectors can be there to help however you may need. Ron Johnson, PS, CWI, Quality Control Manager in our Junction City office, has completed many bridge inspections in Kansas. Ron has over 35 years of professional experience and is a KDOT Bridge Inspection Team Leader.

Financing a bridge project can be expensive, but there are many different methods to repair a bridge if it doesn’t need to be completely replaced. Patching, the process of replacing concrete on chipped or worn out areas of a bridge deck; polymer overlays, which involves applying epoxy to a bridge deck to lengthen bridge life; and replacing a bridge deck itself are a few less expensive ways to repair a bridge.

For more information about how we can help you with a local bridge project, contact us  or read more here.