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Kaw Valley Engineering Celebrates Jonathan Thompson's PE License Achievement 

Salina engineer earns his license

Kaw Valley Engineering Celebrates Jonathan Thompson’s PE License Achievement 

Kaw Valley Engineering is proud to announce Jonathan Thompson has obtained his Professional Engineering (PE) license. This milestone underscores his commitment, expertise, and passion for engineering. Jonathan recently shared insights into his journey, the rigors of the licensing process, and the profound impact of this achievement on both his professional path and personal life. 

From Mechanical to Civil 

Jonathan’s venture into engineering began in the Oil and Gas sector as a mechanical engineer. His career took a pivotal turn when he was exposed to Civil Engineering, leading him down a new path. “I was introduced to Civil Engineering at work while working on foundations,” Jonathan recalls, highlighting the serendipity and adaptability that have marked his career. The decision to pursue a PE license was fueled by a long-standing ambition. “Ever since I was in Engineering school, I knew I wanted to get my Professional Engineering License.” he states, recognizing the license as a key to unlocking higher earnings and obtaining a secure position within the industry. 

Overcoming Challenges on the Road to Licensure 

The journey to licensure is demanding, involving stringent educational, experiential, and examination criteria. Jonathan outlined the three-step process to licensure, emphasizing the challenge of mastering civil engineering concepts with a mechanical engineering background. “For me, passing the Civil Exam was challenging. The mathematics of the exam were similar, but the subject matter was completely new to me,” Jonathan shared, reflecting on the hurdles he overcame through determination and focused study. 

The Professional Impact of Licensure 

Earning the PE license has bestowed Jonathan with a newfound sense of credibility and belonging in the civil engineering domain. “Now with my license, I belong to a select group that can certify that these designs are correct,” he proudly states. Looking ahead, Jonathan is most excited about “stamping my first set of plans, knowing that I can certify they are correct without someone else having to double-check or correct my work.” 

Guidance for Future Engineers 

Jonathan offers valuable advice to aspiring engineers contemplating the pursuit of a PE license, particularly in the state of Kansas where the exam can be taken early. “I would recommend taking it as soon as you feel ready and not waiting 4 years to study and take the test,” he advises, emphasizing the advantage of early preparation. Reflecting on his own approach, he wishes he had commenced his study efforts sooner, a testament to the importance of proactive preparation. 

Reflections on Achievement and Looking Forward 

The achievement of his PE license was celebrated with a special dinner, doubly meaningful as it coincided with his wife’s birthday. “It was extra special for both of us,” Jonathan notes, sharing the personal joy that accompanied his professional triumph. Looking forward, Jonathan aspires to delve into project management and traffic engineering, aiming to “become a leader in the field.” 

The Role of Mentorship 

Jonathan underscores the value of mentorship in his journey, attributing his choice to join Kaw Valley Engineering to the desire for guidance and growth. “It is very important to have a Mentor. I wanted a mentor that would help me learn and grow as an engineer,” he explains, advocating for the critical role of mentorship in the engineering profession. 

Jonathan Thompson’s journey to achieving his Professional Engineering license is a narrative of perseverance, adaptation, and success. Kaw Valley Engineering celebrates his accomplishment and looks forward to his future contributions to engineering. Jonathan’s story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the pivotal role of mentorship, the importance of early and diligent preparation, and the transformative impact of professional licensure on an engineer’s career. 

Kaw Valley Engineering, established in 1982, is known as a team of experts who guide projects from inception to completion. With a comprehensive range of services in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, surveying, construction observation, and materials testing, they cater to clients throughout the Midwest. Kaw Valley Engineering has offices in Junction City, Lenexa, Salina, Emporia, Wichita and Garden City, Kansas, as well as Kansas City, Missouri, strategically positioning themselves to serve their clients effectively.