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Engineering for Storms

What is Storm Water Engineering?

Storm water is an inevitable byproduct of our weather systems. Storm water is excess rain, melted snow and irrigation runoff that doesn’t get absorbed into the ground naturally. This water, when uncontrolled, can lead to floods, property damage and life threatening conditions. Storm water management is important for a magnitude of reasons.

First, storm water is not treated like water used in a home. Therefore, any contaminates present, such as oils, salts and organic matter, is washed away to natural water sources like lakes and rivers. It is important to send this runoff to appropriate and safe discharge points.

Second, storm water is erosive. Flowing water can erode roads, land and banks. Without proper storm water management designs in place, the destruction of storm water can be major.

So, what is storm water management and engineering?

Storm water management helps prevent developments from flooding. It gives a place for water to drain and flow to nearby discharge points, such as creeks, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Part of this process is designing culverts to allow flow to pass under roads and other obstacles safely without eroding the surrounding area.

Engineering for the storms of the Midwest is a specialty of Kaw Valley Engineering. If you have a project that requires storm water management and engineering, be sure to click here to contact us today!